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“X” Zone Comes to Prague - Part 2

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As we saw yesterday, Rob McConnell is the Creator and Host of the globally syndicated live radio talk show, The "X" Zone, which broadcasts worldwide via the TalkStar Radio Network and can be heard as well on the Internet. Here’s Part II of our feature on him.

Rob McConnell begins expanding into the Czech Republic

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As Rob McConnell rightly points out, each of us has had at least one experience in our life which conventional science has a hard time "explaining."

Examples of this can include what Rob went through with his younger brother as we saw yesterday, or it can be a dream a mother has at night about her child being in danger.

Quite often, that same mother will pick up the phone, call, and find out that sure enough, there child was indeed in danger, and had some sort of close call.

Quantum Physicists have long known about a phenomenon which is very real in nature. For it is a fact that when people observe things, we DO influence them. How much and to what degree depends on an infinite variety of possibilities and combinations.

A Paranormal Explosion
Right after the fall of Communism here in the Czech Republic, there was an explosion of New Age-related titles and other "paranormal" subjects because of enormous interest by Czechs. Some of the most popular subjects include Astrology, ESP, Psychokinesis, Kirlian photography, Tarot, UFOs, so-called "Ancient Astronauts" and what is called natural or "spiritual" healing.

As Rob McConnell’s "X" Zone expands into Europe (it just started being carried in Asia on 22 different stations), his plans include providing content for Czechs in both English and the Czech language.

Rob is also offering to serve as a kind of "bridge" between the West and East. Researchers around the globe often use The "X" Zone to collaborate with one another.

Jokes: WhizDumb of Leonardo da CzEnglish IV

1. A computer actually beat me at chess one time. As a result of this fluke, it quickly learned that it was no match for me at kick boxing.

2. Race is a pigment of the imagination.

3. Did you hear about the man who actually ran for three kilometers? Finally, he turned around to the woman who was chasing him and told her that she could keep her purse, and that he didn’t want it anymore.

3. Have you ever wondered WHY it is that kamikaze pilots bother wearing helmets?

4. Whenever your neighbor wants to "borrow" your lawn mower, always tell them that it is "no problem" as long as they don’t remove it from your house.

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