Spring Romance

Jazyková škola Březinka pro Vás připravila prvomájový test z anglického jazyka, který prověří především vaší znalost slovesných časů, předložek a slovní zásoby. Doufáme, že se vám bude test, který je zároveň příběhem, bude líbit. Hodnocení (každá otázka je za 1 bod): 30 - 20 bodů: Skvělé! Vaše angličtina je opravdu na dobré úrovni. Gratulujeme. 19 - 10 bodů: Ještě by to chtělo trošku doladit. Jste ale na dobré cestě. Nevzdávejte to. 9 - 0 bodů: Sice si nejste moc jisti ve tvarech sloves, ale dorozumět se dá i rukama. Znalost angličtiny je dnes ale téměř nezbytností, tak se do ní pusťte s chutí a další test vám dopadne určitě lépe. Test připravila Eliška Dimitrovová

Ilustrační snímek
1. _____ the 1st of May, I went _____ a blind date.

2. I was _____with being alone all the time and replied to an advertisement in the newspaper.

3. I was full of expectations and I was looking forward _____ somebody new.

4. We _____ meet in the city center park and go for a walk.

5. My plan was to stay cool but when I saw him everything started spinning and I felt _____.

6. I couldn’t believe my eyes! He was the most handsome man I _____.

7. He smiled _____ me and said, "Hi, I’m Bill".

8. It was love at first sight. I _____ in love immediately.

9. At first we were nervous so we only _____ hands and started for the park.

10. The sun was beating down. It was _____ hot and I started to sweat.

11. But once I_____ my jacket, I cooled down and the temperature seemed perfect.

12. Bill was wearing a _____ shirt and casual trousers.

13. He was well-dressed and looked _____.

14. During the long walk we got to know _____ a little bit better and became more relaxed.

15. Bill has a great _____ of humor so we were laughing a lot.

16. We were enjoying our walk a lot and neither of us was tired. Both of us were used to _____ a lot.

17. At one point we came to a tower and he suggested _____.

18. We walked up the stairs. I did not want to take the lift and _____ did Bill.

19. The view was spectacular and I wished the moment ____forever.

20. When we got down from the tower, it was 7.30 and it _____dark.

21. We came to a restaurant _____ middle of a rose garden.

22. Bill asked me if I _____hungry and I said yes.

23. We sat down and ordered some wine and _____ because Bill loves seafood.

24. We found out that we had a lot in common; we _____ liked sport and were interested in history.

25. I told him that I _____ loved going on sightseeing tours since I was a child.

26. Bill said he preferred reading history books _____ going on sightseeing tours.

27. Later on he confessed that he wouldn’t mind going sightseeing if he _____ somebody to go with.

28. Except for a mistake concerning the bill, we _____for two bottles of wine instead of one, the day was perfect.

29. I secretly wanted _____ to kiss me that night but he never made his move.

30. Actually, I _____wait two weeks for our first kiss and another four years before he asked me to be his wife.

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