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Inside a REAL Court Case

Our exclusive "insider view" shows you real imagery from a trial. Unbelievably, right after this shooting, Geiger’s FATHER was called in "to secure" the evidence at the crime scene! This was a blatant, automatic conflict of interest, a real legal liability.


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Kurtis Korff sentenced to 40 months in jail


15.3.2008 22:08


Re: Kurtis Korff sentenced to 40 months in jail

If I were a reporter for idnes and I reported on a court trial and "forgot" mention that the accused was found guilty and sentenced to prison (but rather, suggested he left the court a free man), then my editor would fire me. Could one of you Czech readers please click "tip redakci" and point this out to them?

15.3.2008 22:10


Thanks to expats.cz for supplying this link

So, Kal...a bunch of thugs broke into a private house, beat up its owner, and stole his money. They then drove away as quickly as they could, but stopped to pick up this guy: http://alt.co.josephine.or.us/sheriff/inmates/ICUD0053.HTM

13.3.2008 14:12


Re: Thanks to expats.cz for supplying this link

That sounds like a completely reasonable and logical explanation for your brother's presence in the getaway car. I believe you 100%!

13.3.2008 14:13


Not guilty of attempted murder...

...but GUILTY of attempted assault:


Did you "forget" to mention this, Mr Korff?

11.3.2008 19:32


And explain this to me, Kal

Your brother ( no car, no job probably) and the hitchhiking.

After commiting crime, why would anyone pick up a hitchhiker??? This whole story is a bit fishy.

And are you sure, it was not you who got shot in the head? The damage is there.

11.3.2008 18:54


Check this out


Lovely discussion. All think Kornel Kal Korff is insane, liar, etc .

And idnes still employs him.

11.3.2008 18:45


Well, your brother is innocent.

After all, the great Colonel helped him, right?

Can you explain the photos, Kal. Your hair is brown, you cannot possibly be the blonde boy on the photo in the Metro Expres. I think you are the fatty in the picture, right? So, you lost some weight, shaved and charmed a Czech lady to marry you. The only reason you live in the Czechia is that someone married you ( poor  lady) and some other idiot gave you a job. You cannot write , that is a fact.

Your brother ( lives in the USA), did not have a car, at 39? Did he have a job? I have a feeling he was a great loser. Probably a bum.

Life without  a car in the USA is extremely difficult, almost impossible, especially in a city without a subway. And many cities do not have subway.

Where you come from, that is a village. Oh, I know , you Americans have no villages, only small towns...

11.3.2008 18:18


Re: Well, your brother is innocent.

And please, the postings on the web ( supposedly by Martina Tycova) reak of your literary style. You write it for her, do you not? She does sound like you. And why she should be excited about some bloke arrested in the woods of Oregon???


And another thing, even your fans ( fans of your books, not your idnes abortions) think you are insane. You are as much Colonel as Colonel Sanders.

11.3.2008 18:22


Re: Well, your brother is innocent.

Oh come on - when I was a little boy my hair was very blond, but now I have brown hair. It happens to lots of people.

12.3.2008 11:33

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