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Introducing “What Is It?”

As we continue to roll out our comprehensive series of new reality-based Internet TV shows which make a point to feature English, What Is It? is now available for viewing online at www.kalskorner.net.


Litujeme, ale tato diskuse byla uzavřena a již do ní nelze vkládat nové příspěvky.
Děkujeme za pochopení.

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What is it? I ask every day.

Pokazde kdyz ctu jeden z vyplodu Korffa, tak se musim ptat? Co to je? Vase clanky , pane Korffe jsou silene. Cloveka, ktery nerozezna zadek od ale, (but vs. butt ) zamestnavat jako ucitele AJ?

7.2.2008 21:57


Introducing "What is it?"

Co to ma znamenat "s tym "introducing"?

I've been asking myself the same question every day for the past two years when reading Colonel Korff's column in the Metro.

7.2.2008 13:48


Re: Introducing "What is it?"

Yesterday, for example, he wrote the following (see page 9 - http://data.zpravy.cz/expres/pdf/20080206.pdf):

7.2.2008 13:51


Re: Re: Introducing "What is it?"

This letter is from someone named “Jimmy,” and while we get letters from either  him or several people who often impersonate him because they don’t

like his postings form;why would they impersonate hime if they don't like his postings, Kal?], we’re publishing this only because this letter is so unusual.

7.2.2008 13:52


Re: Re: Re: Introducing "What is it?"

“Dear Mr. Korff,

“I apologize for being one of your worst “kritics” these years. It’s very hard for me to write this letter and come clean. To punish myself, I request you publish it. I want people to know. I am embarrassed to admit I thought you were a liar and a fraud all of this time.

7.2.2008 13:54


Re: Re: Re: Re: Introducing "What is it?"

“I was stupid, and I did not think that Miss Martina Týčová existed. Instead, I thought she was a figment of your imagination or sexual fantasies. Now seeing the videos on your site, I admit I was wrong. I feel so guilty.

7.2.2008 13:55


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Introducing "What is it?"

“I also saw your Adjutant, Mr. Avimi recently. He is a nice man. “Please accept my condolences in form;that should be "on", not "in", Kal] your brother’s shooting. You

are doing the right thing by going to trial in a few weeks to get these rogue police who did this.

“Colonel Korff, thanks for all you do, you were being truthful.”

7.2.2008 13:56

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