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Answering Reader's Questions

Ever since Kal's Korner made its debut here, I have received literally thousands of letters from the many readers of iDnes and Metropolitni Expres. I would like to thank everyone, sincerely, for their enormous interest and support.


Litujeme, ale tato diskuse byla uzavřena a již do ní nelze vkládat nové příspěvky.
Děkujeme za pochopení.

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pepe999 from Salford

Ten jeho slavnej joke

je prelozenej vtip o cikanovi a videl jsem ho tady na idnes...:-©(Y)Rv

2.2.2008 23:19


The Great Man takes questions

Why are you living here in the

Czech Republic?

Answer: I live here because my

ancestors are from this region.


2.2.2008 23:12


Re: The Great Man takes questions

America is the vision of a nation where immigrants from all

countries can live together peacefully without regard for race or


---Yes, but why are you living in the Czech Republic? Answer the question...

2.2.2008 23:13


Re: Re: The Great Man takes questions

...Since America is for everyone, and its existence and creation was

founded on the principles of being a free and democratic immigrant

nation, ideal Americans are aware of this and they work hard in

respect of this.----Kal, the guy asked why you are living here...

2.2.2008 23:15


Re: Re: Re: The Great Man takes questions

...Ideal Americans are individuals who become involved in world

affairs and in helping people in different countries. They not only

help teach, contribute and guide and lead others blah, blah, blah...

---Oh, you're here to teach, guide and lead us!

2.2.2008 23:16


Re: Re: Re: Re: The Great Man takes questions

Kal, I'm so grateful. How do you find time to teach, guide and lead us AND write your language column AND fight Al Quaeda?

2.2.2008 23:18

captain cook

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Great Man takes questions


3.2.2008 6:14

captain cook

Kal, are you short of money

or just too tight-fisted?

Hiring an assistant to correct the errors in your "English" lessons before they go to print would be an excellent investment.;-)

25.1.2008 20:00


Takze to je otazka jednoho ctenare

Nebo dvou. Kdo vi, protoze z vasi anglictiny se to clovek nikdy nedovi. Is English your first language? Ja nechapu, jak ho porad muzou publikovat. Pan Korff totiz neumi gramatiku. Jeho clanku ctu maximalne pro pobaveni. Je to des. Ten clovek ma tolik chyb v jednom clanku. Ale urcite je velmi sebevedomy a mysli si , jakou odvadi skvelou praci. Oh, wake up and smell the roses. You stink!

25.1.2008 19:07



why dont you answer the questions concerning you "ability" or "skill" (however you wanna call it) of English language???


25.1.2008 16:15

belgian chocolate

False advertising again!

The title says "reader's questions", i.e., two or more questions from a single reader. Then you go ahead and answer two readers' questions. Or is it perhaps the case of not having mastered English properly? In that case, I suggest you write in a language you know better.

21.1.2008 21:36


wtf again

oh my god, what a load of c**P...

21.1.2008 19:30

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