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More English Mistakes

For today’s column, let’s review another common mistake people make when trying to speak and write in the English language. The word great essentially means that "it" is awesome, wonderful, perhaps one of a kind or unique, truly terrific; there are many ways to describe the word great, which can also mean exceptional or something that is the best.


Litujeme, ale tato diskuse byla uzavřena a již do ní nelze vkládat nové příspěvky.
Děkujeme za pochopení.

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captain cook

baby talk next?????

Soude podle 8-o "greaterest":-©, odhaduji, ze v pristich kapitolach tohoto bohulibeho serialu Kal bude ctenare nejspis seznamovat s hatmatilkou batolat.:-/

23.8.2007 22:11


Re: baby talk next?????

I wouldn't laugh if I were you, Captain Cook. Lots of people start reverting back to childhood in their autumn/golden years.  And I wouldn't be a bit surprised if pretty soon Metropolitni Expres put a new picture of Kal up, one from when Kal was 6 or 7, instead of the big 9. Wanna bet?  :-)

24.8.2007 0:34


Re: Re: baby talk next?????


29.8.2007 7:50


Re: Re: Re: baby talk next?????

No, je tam už teď nová fotka. Tak jsem zase vyhrál. R^

29.8.2007 21:49



You feed your readesr a great pile of manure by teaching them nonsenses like "greaterest".  :-©

23.8.2007 21:59


Greaterest my foot!

Children screw up words in the funnierest ways. But for an adult to say that the word "greaterest" might become standard English is the stupiderest, inanerest, funnierest, sillierest, dumberest, wilderest, wackierest, loonierest  thought I've ever come across.  ;-D

23.8.2007 18:43

captain cook

Re: Greaterest my foot!


23.8.2007 22:04

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