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Scream, Screaming Queen

The words scream and dream are used in many expressions in the English language. Let’s review a few of them. In English, the word scream means to yell really loudly. It is very rare, when a person screams, that you cannot hear them.


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Screaming Queens

Captain Cook is ALWAYS complaining & screaming about Kal's facts and spelling. What is amusing 8-o is that today, Kal, in an attempt to call him a nasty name, chose one that I ALWAYS pictured Captain Cook to be, a Screaming Queen! I've got an extraordinary sixth sense about these things, but now that Kal has said it, maybe it's not that extraordinary. :-/

6.8.2007 16:41


Re: Screaming Queens

Here's my favorite:



6.8.2007 18:01


I meant to ask .....

..... is Kal still doing those great imitations of the greatest Canadian singer that ever lived? The one that, unlike all of the others, turned down the America's  offer to make her a star... in her case a superstar... Rita MacNeil? .....  Here he is, espresialy for you: 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BBHMDVg-FA     R^R^R^

7.8.2007 2:32

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