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Some Football Terms in English

As many people know, Metropolitni Expres competes in the Pre Golden Tour 2006 Football tournament, along with other companies. Since we wanted to do a series of English lessons on football terminology, we decided to take this opportunity to use ourselves as real examples.


Litujeme, ale tato diskuse byla uzavřena a již do ní nelze vkládat nové příspěvky.
Děkujeme za pochopení.

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Kal, again?

When will you listen to your own advices? Always proofread your work. Either too many commas or none at all, your grammar is shocking. And football terms, leave it to someone who knows them.

3.3.2008 2:28


Oh dear...

"Simon takes sports very seriously, and this is also true when he plays in them."

---You "play sports", Kal. You don't "play IN sports".

2.3.2008 22:14


Elementary punctuation mistake

"...we were able to win, -- and handily."

---Either use the comma or the dash. But not both, Kal.

2.3.2008 22:13



"Simon Merta is our Sports Editor here are Metropolitni Expres."

---"...here are Metropolitni Expres." Huh?

2.3.2008 22:12

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