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Common Expressions - 3

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Continuing our series on some of the most common expressions in the English language, here are a few more of them. The phrase "what’s happening?" essentially means the same thing as "what’s going on?" People tend to use it rather loosely, especially in America, where they interchange these two phrases.
These are casual expressions, used quite often by native speakers in America

These are casual expressions, used quite often by native speakers in America | foto: Profimedia.cz

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A "happening" can also be an event, as in something that happened or took place. Some people refer to parties as a happening.

What Gives?
When people say "what gives?" it is another way of saying "what’s up?" or "what’s happening?"

Some people, especially in California, will also say "what gives?" when they are really asking "what is the problem?"

When you hear the phrase "what gives?" please be careful. Make sure that you understand what the person means who is saying it to you.

Please remember that your definition of this term does not matter if you are the receiver in a conversation, or what is called the listener. What ultimately matters, is your full and complete understanding of his meaning.

Well I’ll Be
The phrase "Well I’ll be" is another way of saying you are surprised over something. This can happen because you either did not know it, or perhaps it was not possible to predict, like an emergency. Examples:

"Well I’ll be, I had no idea that Joe needed to retire because he has health problems" or "Well I’ll be, the American government earns 50 billion dollars each day in tax revenue."

The word dagnabbit is another word for "darn" or "rats" or "shucks" or "darn it." The word dagnabbit is a way of acknowledging something, but admitting you can’t do anything about it, and may in fact be frustrated by it. In past times, it meant that you were really upset, and might even swear against "God". Examples:

"Dagnabbit, we drove all the way up to the mountains to visit our weekend cottage and I forgot to bring the keys" or "Dagnabbit, I told you not to do that or you will break the machine."

Darn It
When someone says "darn it" this is a way of expressing the fact that they are mad, disappointed, or upset. It is considered to be a mild form of being upset, and is used by people who wish to avoid using swear words or what is considered to be foul language.

Dang It
The term "dang it" comes from the southern parts of the United States. It essentially means the same thing as "darn it" but is perhaps a little less strong. Examples:

"Dang it, I forgot to lock the door to my apartment" or "Dang it, I didn’t win my game last night."

Drats or Oh Drats
When someone says "drats" this is similar to "oh darn" or "oh boy" -- it is a simple expression communicating some sort of surprise or shock or disappointment, but nothing very important. Example:

"Drats, I just missed my tram" or "Drats, I missed the first 15 minutes of this new movie."

Tomorrow part IV.

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