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Secret Flying Objects - 3

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Note: this is the last of the three-part series on Czech Astronomer Dr. J. Allen Hynek. According to Project Blue Book Special Report #14, some 19.7% of all UFO reports they analyzed were classified as "unknowns." An "unknown" meant that no conventional explanation was found.
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Whenever one-out-of-five people "swear to God" that they’ve seen something, whenever it is that the same "things" people are reporting end up being captured on film, even with motion picture cameras; are pursued and chased by pilots, tracked on RADAR, shot at with military weapons, it is probably safe to say that "something" is indeed "going on," and that people are not just "imagining things," or watching too many episodes of Star Trek.

The CIA vs. the U.S. Air Force
The Central Intelligence Agency, without informing the Air Force, began a series of secret programs in order to monitor the activities of the Soviet Union.

One of their most secret operations created the amazing SR-71 Blackbird supersonic aircraft.

The first version of this plane was SILVER in color. This meant that when it went streaking by unsuspecting pilots, it was naturally reported as a "bright, flying disk with tremendous speed."

V Lift Platforms
For years, the CIA never told Dr. J. Allen Hynek nor the Project Blue Book staff what it was that they were doing. Accordingly, Hynek was unable to "explain" many "UFO" reports which were really being caused by secret operations. Hynek suspected this, but he could never prove it.

Independent of this fact, Hynek also felt that there was still a small residue of incidents which did indicate that we were being visited.

After Blue Book was closed, Hynek formed the Center for UFO Studies.

    Jokes of the Day: MORE Dumb Laws

1. In the state of Kentucky, each person who lives there is required to take a bath "at least once a year."

2. In Riverside, California, it is technically againstthe law to kiss unless both people first wipetheir lips with some rose water!

3. Chewing gum is still against the law in Singapore.

4. The secret of how to make silk was literally classified as a "State Secret" by the Chinese for hundreds of years.

The Chinese actually had laws on the books which imposed the death penalty if anyone from China disclosed to the outside world just exactly how silk was made and manufactured into clothing. 

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