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Secret Flying Objects - 2

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As mentioned in the first part of this series, so-called "UFO" sightings concerning the USAF, who feared that they were either Soviet in origin, or could actually be a prelude to an "invasion" by "forces" (aliens in this case) from another world.
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In an attempt to placate both public concern and growing internal military unrest, everyone from the CIA to Congress would investigate the subject of UFOs. For the USAF, this meant the creation of Project Blue Book.

Project Blue Book had earlier code names, such as Project Grudge and Project Sign. The name "Project Grudge" was used by "critics" of the Air Force to lambaste them for their approach to studying UFOs.

While the military (especially the Air Force) initially mocked many reports by people of so-called "flying saucers," over time there were simply too many reports by too many credible observers (including countless USAF pilots) who were all reporting these bizarre objects which flew at incredible speeds and performed maneuvers that would shear the wings off of any airplane.

In other words, the U.S. government, especially its Air Force, quickly realized that if UFOs were indeed "real," their only "explanation" could be that they were visitors from another planet.

The Czechs and UFOs
The USAF hired Czech Astronomer Dr. J. Allen Hynek to be their scientific advisor. Hynek, a man of extreme credibility, was unable to "explain" sometimes as many as 20% of all "UFO" sightings.

Hynek became convinced, by the time the USAF later closed Project Blue Book, that UFOs were not only "real," but that the Air Force knew it, and were even deceiving him over this issue. Dr. Hynek was right, as we shall prove tomorrow.

     Jokes of the Day: Totally Useless Info 

1. An ostrich can actually run faster than a horse!

2. Human birth control pills, will work on a gorilla! This is because our DNA is almost identical.

No wonder science "knows" that humans once had a common ancestor with apes.

3. When a dozen or more cows are together in a group, it is called a flink.

4. Most dogs can actually see better than human beings, but not in color. In other words, their "view" of the world is strictly black and white, just like some politicians!

5. Australia has more than 50 different species of kangaroo.

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